Here's a tip for Safari users:
Under the Safari menu is the "Reset Safari" command. Setup its options and use it to eliminate cruft when leaving a web site.

Witness the birth of Ransomware
Not quite malware, not always legit software, Ransomware is someplace in between. More here. Goodbye privacy, hello forensics.

Sufferin' from bufferin'?
Get your real download "speed" from a variety of bandwidth tests listed in our handy-dandy Broadband Buster (below).

Protect your MacBook from spills
Moisture sensors will void warranty, and unibody models are costly to repair. Check out Moshi keyboard covers.

Should I upgrade to Yosemite (10.10)?
Not necessarily..... if it works, don't fix it. Until you have a compelling reason to upgrade, stick with the OS you have.

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