Here's a tip for Safari users:
Under the Safari menu is the "Reset Safari" command. Setup its options and use it to eliminate cruft when leaving a web site.

The Nevada County Food andToy Run is gearing up!
Saturday, December 13th. Meanwhile, stop by ToyRun.Org and give a shout out to Thom and company.

Sufferin' from bufferin'?
Get your real download "speed" from a variety of bandwidth tests listed in our handy-dandy Broadband Buster (below).

Protect your MacBook from spills
Moisture sensors will void warranty, and unibody models are costly to repair. Check out Moshi keyboard covers.

Should I upgrade to Yosemite (10.10)?
Not necessarily..... if it works, don't fix it. Unless/until you have a compelling reason to upgrade, stick with the OS you have.

Recommended videos:
A Magna Carta for the Web - Tim Berners-Lee (7 min.)
Good Girl Gone Geek - Career advice for women (12 min.)
Art of Web Design - Keep it simple (7 min.)
The sad story of Aaron Swartz - "Internet's Own Boy" (trailer)