Apple warranty and repair programs
Check your Apple product warranty status by its serial number here.
Repair/recall programs are listed here, including battery, display, keyboard and SSD issues with certain models.

If your MacBook needs a new battery or charger...
Best source for quality notebook batteries and genuine Apple AC-adapters is OWC, online at

Security threats on the Macintosh
While Macs remain immune to viruses, there are countless scams hoping to draw you in. Don't be fooled. Visit our Security page.

Replace or upgrade?
If you're on the fence about a new Mac, this might help you make an informed decision. That "legacy" Mac might not be done just yet.

Protect your MacBook from spills
Moisture sensors will void warranty, and unibody models are costly to repair. Check out keyboard covers from CaseBuy, Kuzy, Forito and Moshi on Amazon or on Moshi's web site. We recommend clear covers for notebooks.

Should I upgrade to OS 11.x?
Short answer (as always): Stay 1 system back. In the case of OS 11, there are some special concerns. See OS upgrade for tips prior to upgrading.

Need help with an iPad, iPod or iPhone?
We only deal with Macs here, but we've posted a few links for iGizmo support and recommend TechRestore for repairs on iPhones and iPads.

An open letter to Apple
We're big fans of simple here, one of the reasons we were drawn to the Macintosh in the first place. Here are a few things that would help.

Recommended videos:
A Magna Carta for the Web - Tim Berners-Lee (7 min.)
Art of Web Design - Keep it simple (7 min.) from Offbook
Aaron Swartz (trailer) "The Internet's Own Boy" movie (105 min.)


A giant thank-you to our top-notch clients!
When our customers post positive feedback for us, or deliver unexpected cards, letters, gifts and such, we don't always get the opportunity to thank them properly - sometimes their generosity is delivered anonymously. Please know, such gestures are truly appreciated and will be remembered long after the shop is closed and gone. These are the people who make it all worthwhile.